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three hours. this incident first came in at about 1:30 this afternoon after a natural gas line was struck by a contractor working on the phone line that's run beneath the street here. employees of a bank covered their faces as they left work this afternoon. police and firefighters evacuated the bank, several businesses and two apartment buildings after a work crew struck a three inch pg&e gas line. >> we had a private contractor attempting to repair some phone lines. and accidentally breeched a pg&e gas line. >> i was in my room and heard alarms. we smelled something funny. they told to us get out. >> reporter: evacuees watched, crews worked to stop the leak. a fire fighter says they were looking for the closest shut
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off valve. >> they don't have the map right now. >> was there a period of time when you didn't have the map? >> very to ask the supervisor this, is our typical response. we're on the scene. reviewing maps to find out which gas lines are feeding that damaged section of pipe. so we can ice yol yait that section stop the flow, make this safe and continue with repairs. >> reporter: we're back live here, you can imagine with san bruno, every precaution was taken. the oakland fire department has been standing fwoi make sure everything stays safe. pg&e says the shut off valve for this particular gas line is far from this area. so if they had shut that ofl, they said it would have been a larger disruption to customers so they said what they did is create these cuttoff valve temporary valves at two locations into this immediate area. the valve is now shut off. i am told folks have been
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evacuated from apartments behind me. i'm told will be allowed to go back in fairly soon. people should be aware that the streets here, specialsly east 18th may remain closed while these repairs continue into the evening hours. live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and gas line jitters are spanning the bay area. in san francisco this afternoon, students evacuated a high school after someone reported smelling gas. it turned out to be a false alarm. classes resumed after half an hour. the reason for jitters is the san bruno gas main explosion one week ago today. today there was another scare not far away, less than a mile west of the fire zone. parents thought they smelled gas at portolla elementary school. people say they're scared that it could happen again z they're angry that pg&e will not reveal location of other pipes beneath them. abc 7 is live with the story tonight.
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>> a fire fighters told us they don't believe lines running near that school are similar in any way to the line that exploded out here last week. this was a large gas transmission line. firefighters believe the line near the school is a smaller distribution line. that, however, is absolutely no consoleation to people here. they want to know what lines are underground. all it took is two mothers to say they smelled gas at the school. minutes later 200 students were loaded on to buses and driven off campus. >> orn fg and e, assessment and recommendation they said evacuate. >> it turned out to be a false alarm. almost as soon as the report, firefighters rushed to the scene. the crime tape went up. crews searched for gas leaks as parents raced to pick up children. >> it's scary. it's really scary not to know what is going on and why. pg&e won't say where pipes are. >> this is a community living
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on edge. a fear driven by horror witnessed but also, what they do not know. where other high-risk pipelines lie and whether it's through their neighborhoods or schools. >> a lot of people are on edge. you know? they're, you know feeling that, they don't know about the gas line situation. >> reporter: pg&e refuses to make the list of 100 high-risk pipelines public. >> the transmission lines within the security reasons we don't release maps. report a week to the day since flames consumed this neighborhood and clean up still goes on. up the hill, signs the gas lines also run through this quiet street are everywhere. >> see that orange post? >> yeah. >> and so, they dug the whole street down on this side. and then, went in there and then, went down. >> neighbors have known about the gas line for decades. but were never concerned until last week. >> i'd like to know what they can do to make sure that
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something like this doesn't happen again. >> you can see the crews that remain out here on the scene. not long ago, the coroner was out here. the coroner confirmed that remains were discovered out here on the scene. we don't know at this point who the remains belong to. what we do know is that three members of the bullis family are classified missing. neighbors told us that the coroner was searching at the property, as soon as we're able to get more details we'll bring you back up to speed at 6:00. live in san bruno, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and once again, residents returned to the site where homes once stood in san bruno to salvage what they could before clean up begins. authorities allowing residents to go back to properties twice to sift through the rubble. firefighters helped one man open a safe where he stored a gun collection and some jewelry. the next phase is clearing the rubble of potentially toxic materials. tomorrow, city officials will
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ask homeowners if red tagged properties if they can begin clearing lots. >> local and state officials are warning homeowners to only hire contractor was a license. they've seen cases of traud. many homes sustained damage such as paint bubbling up from the heat or cracks to their foundation. officials held a news conference, warning contractors if they do work without a license, they can face felony charges. >> our big concern is that there are unlicensed contractors going to prey on these people to make them victims a second time. >> everyone seems to be so confused in the beginning. >> the state department of insurance handed out packets to homeowners and authorities are working under cover to catch the unlicensed contractors and they're warning about price gouging. >> one of the people injured in the fire was release frtd hospital today that. means seven people are still in the hospital one week after
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the disaster. and four are listed in critical condition. one is serious and two are now in favor condition. the blast and fire killed four people and destroyed 37 homes. and as you probably know, being burned is one of the horrible injuries anyone can endure. recovery is long and often excruciating. we want you to hear from a woman who knows. she was badly burned when a piece of pg&e equipment exploded. carolyn tyler is here with her story. >> reporter: if family and friends are watching this report, the sight of lisa nash alone might be inspirational. you would never know by looking what happened to her five years ago. >> i had to learn how to walk again. i had to learn how to use my hands. >> if anyone understand what's the san bruno burn victims are facing it's lisa nash. it was august, 2005 sherks was walking to work in the financial district. there was an explosion in an
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underground pg&e vault. that post and kerny streets. it rocked buildings and sent nash to st. francis hospital. it has a renowned burn unit. >> it was not just the burns. it was my lungs had been affected. my skin. i was vulnerable to all sorts of infections. >> and she was sedated two weeks for skin grafts, something likely for victims now at st. francis. >> and there is a very concomfortable scar for a while. takes a year to two years to feel like normal skin. in just imagine emotional impact that has along witness. >> it was two months in the hospital and two years of physical therapy for nash. >> former burn patients came and talked to me just to show me that yup, you might be thinking it's a bad day but you're going to come back to normal. >> some residents say they'll never feel safe again.
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lisa nash quickly tried to conquer fierce. >> the first thing i did is back to post and kerney and stomp on that metal thing. >> the 5-year-old and her husband sued and settled with pg&e. now there is this latest explosion. >> i just hope every utility across the country not just pg&e, but every utility goes back and checks their infrastructure. this could happen anywhere. >> and lisa nash calls that fiery blast back in 2005 a defining moment. it caused her to rehe vag val wait her life. she gave up a skpreer now runs a nonprofit. >> nice to see her doing well. thank you very much. and before moving to other news a reminder you can find additional information including resources for residents and information on how you can help them if you wish on our web site. >> and california patrol is
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responding to questions about a deadly crash in san jose this morning. the events that led up to it. two young men died after their suv crashed and rolled over on east st. james streets. the driver and another passenger survived. we are now in san jose and that chp stop that had driver minutes before the crash. >> right. the chp says it's made that traffic stop because a ford explorer did not have a front license plate. as soon as officers got out of the car that, is when they say the driver just sped off. >> the chp says the driver was fleeing officers after a stop around 1:30 but there was no pursuit or chase when the driver lost control of the suv. >> we never got into a position in which we're in a bumper to bumper style pursuit this, is more of a suspect vehicle had a head start.
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they continued to conduct an area search. >> reporter: he says officers spotted the explorer just as it careened into cars parked along east st. james street nine blocks from the initial traffic stop. two passengers in the back seat of the explorer were killed. a third passenger suffered moderate injuries and the driver, a 19-year-old jose hernandez faces a variety of charges including two counts of vehicular manslaughter, felony dui and evading officers. in san jose, the police department has a policy to limit high risk pursuit. >> if you're chasing someone because of a property crime issue or because of the fact they've committed a traffic infraction we're going to call the chase. meaning call them off. >> the policy came under scrutiny this year in san jose after a high-speed chase for a traffic violation resulted in tragedy. in july, a driver fleeing the
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chp ran a light, hitting a vehicle carrying a mom and her children. a 15-year-old girl died in that crash. and the councilman representing downtown san jose had a meeting with the chp commissioner. >> they're looking at this policy now there. is another meeting and i hope to see progress in additioning how it engages in chases. >> and the chp says it evaluates every situation and constantly weighs risk of the pursuit versus the threat the suspect faces owe community n san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and still to come this evening a police shooting in the east bay. what authorities say the suspect was holding tets. >> also, the pope's visit with queen elizabeth. why it's being called historic. >> rain is in the weekend forecast. i'll show you which day you'll be seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. concord police say officers shot a man after he pointed what turned out to be a toy gun at them. police spotted a man matching a description of a robbery expect walking along clayton road. officers shot him. police discovered it was a fake but did not know at the time. there, you can see what they're looking at. police say the man is a 25-year-old brian brownwhite wanted for armed robbery out of fremont. he's hospitalized in critical, but stable condition. >> this is a mystery at sea tonight. the coast guard says a whale dragged to the port of oakland on a ship may been dead when hit, probably west of the golden gate bridge. the coast guard says the teeth marks seem to indicate shark bites. the whale's dna is being
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examined to determine what kind of whale it was. >> moving to consumer news. one of the vocal critics of the banking industry about to be named to oversee a new consumer protection agency. >> reporter: one of the worst nightmares for the banking industry, one of the harshest critics will be overseeing the entire industry. the president will appoint elizabeth warren to set up the new consumer financial protection bureau. her role as special advisor will avoid a battle over her confirmation. she would have faced heavy open pigs sigs from industry groups. warren is a former harvard professor battled financial services abuses including unfair credit card fees. if you've been unable to access your chase bank online account, join the club. a computer problem began monday night has shut chase customers out as they tried to make payments or do other business online.
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by the time the problem was fixed yesterday, there is such a huge backlog of customers trying to gain access many still can't get through tonight. chase is promising it will not charge any late fees caused by this problem. >> you can expect to see a lot more 3 d in months still to come. six of the top 10 movies this year have been in 3 d in the number of 3 d screens in this country has grown from 1800 to 21,000 this year. now, it's coming to a little screen near you. >> this is in your pocket. you can watch it on the go. >> this year you're going to see this technology on other hand sets. >> the latest technology allows to you watch the movies on an iphone. just slide a lens over the screen. you're watching there. this phone doesn't need add ons to see 3 d. for those who want big there is a 103 inch flat-screen,
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there you go, large as you can get. executives say the future for 3 d is boundless. >> who knew? >> it's important to keep up with this. >> michael, thank you. >> hey as you probably know it's a little warmer today. absolutely sparkling in spots. >> for now. >> yes. >> and right. >> all good things must come to an end, as they say. we'll see what we've enjoyed the weather just enjoy it. then we're going to see rain coming in. but that rain is going to take it's time getting there. outside i'm going to show you what it looked like today from san jose towards hills tr. sunshine now. san jose mild at 75 degrees right now. and there is another vantage point from our camera. marine layer starting to get organized. right now sfo reporting winds out of the west gusting to 28 miles per hour.
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just signs of changes coming. cooler day tomorrow. and the onshore flow picks up and the marine layer becomes more organized. temperatures now around the bay area look like this. 84 in antioch. 64 degrees in san francisco. looking at 24 hour change you'll see everyone warmed up. half moon bay up five. san jose, up five. napa, same story. oakland seven degrees warmer. coastal drizzle in the morning. looking for mild afternoons friday and saturday. then, rain moves in on sunday. so that system really slowed down. we're not bringing rain in until sunday. saturday is looking nice. here is the pacific satellite picture there. is a storm here developing. it's a very slow-moving system. stationary right now. and it will work towards the bay area. let's take you through time. clouds across the bay area, drizzle along the coast in the morning. then, clouds clear inland.
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we'll see sun in the afternoon with high clouds. heading into saturday, there is another mild afternoon. not quite as warm as today. then we'll notice by saturday evening, clouds starting to thicken. by sunday morning, rain begins to approach and that cold front approaches the north bay. rain may pick up briefly around 10:00 in the morning in the north bay as that cold front gets closer then starts to move south ward. rain sfraedz south. around the bay area it's going to be a mild night. there is a low 50s to upper 50s across the region. 59 in san jose, concord. 60 degrees in oakland. and you'll see that drizzle right along the coastline. that marine layer does deepen tonight. tomorrow afternoon, mid-70s around sunnyvale. and 78 in san jose. campbell and there is a nice day on the peninsula. 76 degrees in redwood city. coastal areas pacifica, 62. and downtown san francisco, 67
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degrees and you'll see a mix of sun and clouds. north bay ukiah up to 81. mid 70s in santa rosa. san rafael. east bay, 70 in oakland. 73 union city. heading inland temperatures run mild. upper 70s to low 80s, 79 in livermore. and 68 degrees for the monterey bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. after a drizzly friday morning, count on a mild afternoon bayside and inland. a repeat saturday then, rain begins to develop late saturday night foremost of the bay area it's going to be sunday cooler readings. mid-70s inland locations. temperatures starting to come up a few degrees appropriate for the bay area. fall arrives on wednesday at 8:09 p.m. and temperatures will rise. >> okay. >> fall is a warm summer months. >> warm time of the year. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead what uc
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regents did that has workers upset. >> and then tonight at 6:00 new complaints over racial profiling in san jose. why did four officers respond to a term signal
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a historic meeting in scotland between pope benedict the 16th and queen elizabeth the second. thousands of people lined streets to see the pope. the trip marks the first state visit ever made by a pontiff to the united kingdom. queen elizabeth is the leader of the church of england which broke off from the roman catholic church five centuries ago. the pope acknowledging the catholic church failed in the
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way it handled the abuse scandal involving he priests saying it's the top priority to help victims through heal prog ses. >> to sacramento. california lawmakers appear ready to set a new record today. not one they should be proud of. it's day 78 and there is still no budget. if not passed by the end of the day it's going to be the longest the state has gone without one. the legislature is not in session but the five big and leaders did meet this afternoon. democrats and republicans still cannot agree on whether new taxes or more spending cuts are needed to close the $19 billion gap. the senate leader calls it frustrating and embarrassing. university of california employees will have to start paying more into their retirement plans and people in this protest are not happy bit. under the plan passed today, employees will pay 3.5% of their pay, then 5% the year
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coming up in half an hour a coroner investigator arrives at the scene of the san bruno fire storm. an update on what they may have found there today. >> michael finney follows up with an investigation into smart meters. >> and a battle over battle creek. clean, cheap energy versus saving the salmon. it's our assignment 7 report. coming up and more for you on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> before we go, we've heard rain is on the way. we want to make sure we heard right. >> you did hear right. saturday plans outdoors just fine. sunday? you might want to take

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